Rotating Drum Signs

Interstate Highway Sign Corporation has extensive experience in the design, development and fabrication of rotating drum changeable message signs.

These signs are fabricated with an aluminum framework that is assembled to form a cabinet with a message display area. Located within this message display area are triangular rotating drums. These drums are aligned horizontally and rotate mechanically at the touch of a button, making it possible to easily change the graphics/message as required.

The faces of the rotating drums are covered with reflective sheeting, making these signs ideally suited for either daytime or nighttime operation. In the event of power failure, these signs are equipped with a manual operation option.

The quality of these signs is unsurpassed. Made from only the highest quality components, these signs require little or no maintenance. Each sign is thoroughly tested prior to shipment, assuring trouble-free installation and dependable service.

Interstate can design and fabricate rotating drum signs to meet your specific size and graphics/message requirements.

Contact Interstate Signways for more information about these very versatile signs.


  1. Painting the housing of a rotating drum sign
  1. Calibrating a rotating drum sign framework